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Tumors of the adrenal glands


Tumors of the adrenal glands are rare. When present, they can cause a multitude of disorders by excessively secreting certain adrenal gland produced hormones. However most of them are not producing any hormones. Non hormone producing (non-functional) adrenal tumors are called incidentaloma. Only a small percent of adrenal tumors are cancerous. Growing of the adrenal tumor is always worrisome sign of adrenal cancer (adrenocortical carcinoma). An adrenal tumor that is growing has to be surgically removed. Tumors that are bigger then 4 cm also have to be removed for the same reason — to rule out or cure cancer.

Adrenal Surgery by Dr. Shifrin

The Latest and Most Advanced Treatment Option for Laparoscopic Adrenalectomies: The Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic Approach.

The posterior retroperitoneal approach from the back allows for performing truly minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery in comparison to the laparoscopic trans-abdominal approach from the front. By approaching from the back, it eliminates the need to mobilize the liver, spleen, and or tail of the pancreas, making the surgical approach much easier for the patient.

Key Patient Benefits from the Posterior Laparoscopic Approach

  • Significant reduction in pain resulting in increased satisfaction with procedure
  • Faster recovery time as patients have ability to return to regular routine hours after surgery
  • Minimized visibility of the scar See section adrenal gland surgery
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